34 BILLION Dollars a Year

is Sold in the Fishing & Hunting Industry Every Year!

Do YOU Want MORE of Those Sales For Your Small Batch, Hand Made, Sporting Goods Business?

You're In The Right Place

We hear it all the time...

"How do I get more people

buying what I make?... "

The Problem:

You have a DAMN GOOD product!

BETTER than what's in the big box stores!

~ You Just Don't Have The Big Box Stores' Marketing Budget! ~

Here are The 3 Things That Hold You Back

Your Limited Marketing Options

Marketing is HARD & most businesses struggle in this area - HOW do you get People to SEE your STUFF?????

You're Not a Marketer

Where do you even start??? With technology today you have a LOT you could LEARN but what is worth your time?

You Have Limited Time & Resources

Let me guess... You're pretty busy already?!

How do you balance it all, GROW your BUSINESS & get more clients?

You Have Limited Marketing Options Available To You

Industry Shows & Craft Shows

Can you say expensive?! Travel, set up expense, time off work for the show, booth fees, hotel, food… you have to factor all of that in. Maybe it's worth it, but more likely it's just not.


Oh yeah, lets NOT forget SHOPIFY! Give us your money ($30 a month or more), & then you STILL get to build a website, AND... get the right people to see it.  Shopify provides another "if you built it, they will come" myth.

A Traditional Website

Building your own website... Even if you use something that is supposed to be easy, well, it just isn't easy. Did you know that a bad design can kill your online appeal? Once you're done you will also need to find a way to continually get people to shop on your website.


Amazon publicly admits that they push their products first and then the products where they make the most money… Unfortunately that does not include your products.


Maybe your products mix well with "mango scented candles" but, I have a feeling that's NOT the case. You need a marketplace that is dedicated to people that love OUTDOOR SPORTS.


Getting eyes on your product is difficult to do... eBay is a massive market place and still not something dedicated to helping you attract and connect with sportsmen and women

"But, I'm Not Good at All That Marketing Stuff..."

So...Then why not hire someone to help you?

Oh wait… that's really freaking expensive!!! 

So, are YOU the type of person that will "give up" just because your options are limited?

Are you the type of person who doesn't care about making more money?

Or are you the type of person who is willing to learn a better way?

I'm willing to bet that you really wish there was a BETTER WAY...

***A better what to get MORE CUSTOMERS and MAKE MORE MONEY***

***A better way to make GROW YOUR BUSINESS that is easy for YOU to do yourself***


One that is made for what YOU sell, attracts and markets to sportsmen/women that want what you're making, and provides YOU everything you need to affordably BUILD & GROW YOUR BUSINESS online!

Without the RIGHT EYES on your products YOU DON"T HAVE A CHANCE!

BUT... Sportsmen NEED to be able to FIND YOUR PRODUCTS - They WANT to FIND YOU!

They know that you know what makes a great product!

They know that this is your sport too! You don't just make this stuff, you use it!

Here are a few things you could do on your own:

  • Learn how to build a solid website
  • Learn Facebook Marketing
  • Go to MORE Trade Shows
  • Learn how to photograph your products better
  • Learn how to position your products so people choose your product over someone else’s
  • Try Facebook ads
  • Join more relevant groups on Facebook, groups that serve people that would use your products.

The reality: You just need a better way, better than what your current options are right now.

I bet when you have free time you don’t want to search the internet to even get started, let alone figure out what you need to learn! You may still have a full time job along with running your business. Where do you put your extra time when you even have any? And, where do you spend all that extra money you have laying around? This isn't you're fault, it really isn't easy to get your products seen by all the people that would prefer a superior hand made product like yours.

This is WHY we Created TackleHack

There needed to be a place for sportsmen and women to buy quality handmade products from people that love the sport as much as the people that use their products. People that know what it's like to get up before the sun, to get outside, brave the elements, who bust knuckles, and to crawl through the briers - all to follow the call of the wild. 

You see, this is our industry and sport too! 

We know who creates the best products! THAT is WHY WE CREATED TackleHack

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The Outfitter Membership Level

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A growing video library of training to help you get better at growing your business
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All upcoming tools and added value we are currently creating - you will have first access!

Ready to Grow Your Business with TackleHack? For FREE?

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Right now, we're pushing hard to get a great selection of products into the Marketplace as quickly as possible. Once that is done, and we're getting close now, we will shift our marketing efforts to focus on making TackleHack the most visited & shopped custom, handcrafted sporting goods marketplace in the world. We plan to be the Etsy of the hunting and fishing world for sportsman that know and appreciate quality. A handcrafted marketing place specifically for people that LOVE THE SPORT and want to buy the products you create.

The Reality: It Could Be Gone Tomorrow:

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Ready to Grow Your Business with TackleHack? For FREE?

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